Extra Cat

Yesterday we acquired another kitten – a boy kitten. Well we can’t have a household of just two girlie cats! Again he came from our local animal rescue charity Guardian Angels and was being fostered by the lovely Kat in Isleworth. Kat said she hadn’t named him but was referring to him as “Boy”. By the time we got him home, it had stuck. He’s about 9 weeks old, mostly white with some tabby splotches. He’s also got noticeably, and strikingly, curly whiskers, a very triangular head and big ears – which makes us wonder if he doesn’t have some Devon Rex (or similar) in his make up; maybe a Devon Rex grandfather?

So here are the first couple of decent photos, taken at lunchtime yesterday, within an hour or so of him arriving. In the first he is offering to help with lunch. Well what self-respecting cat wouldn’t when there’s cold roast salmon on offer?

Like all kittens he’s slightly scruffy, but that never stops them looking cute …

He’s still quite phased by everything. He was the last of the litter to find a home, so he’s been without his brothers’ company for a while. He hated the car journey home. And everything here is different, new and scary especially with two big cats around. But he’ll be fine. I’m confident they’ll all adjust.

If nothing else Boy will eat for England. He clearly wasn’t starving when we brought him home. Nevertheless between about 1pm and midnight yesterday he demolished two complete sachets of kitten food, several teaspoons worth of cold salmon, a piece of raw steak the size of a large almond, and several similar pieces of cooked steak. Oh and the piece of pasta I dropped on the floor. By the evening he was very round and drum-like in the middle; he looked as if he’d swallowed a basketball and was about to split a seam. But then it is every kitten’s ambition to be like that: most cat’s run by the motto “Eat now, lest hungry later”. As Garfield always said: “Eat and sleep. Eat and Sleep. There must be more to life but I do hope not!”

Meanwhile WPC Primrose sat and watched, ready to intervene in any indecorous behaviour:

Actually, apart from spending time out, and being pissed off because our bedroom is out of bounds at present, both Tilly and Rosie are being quite good.