Ten Things

A slightly eccentric mix for this month’s Ten Things

Ten Desert Island Discs

[Yes, I know the radio programme Desert Island Discs asks only for eight records, but this is Ten Things, OK?]

  1. Monteverdi, 1610 Vespers
  2. Bach, Christmas Oratorio
  3. Yes, Close to the Edge
  4. Pink Floyd, Wish You were Here
  5. Beatles, Let It Be
  6. Handel, Messiah
  7. Granados, Piano Works
  8. William Byrd, The Battle
  9. Caravan, In the Land of Grey and Pink
  10. Moody Blues, Octave


  1. Laurie Frost

    I’d sneak Close to the Edge into Tales from Topographic Oceans in place of the first disc. Then I’d have my favorite Yes song, “Ritual,” and favorite album.

  2. Keith Marshall (Post author)

    Interesting; thanks Laurie. I first encountered Yes, from a flatmate, when a post-grad in early 70s and that was the Yes Album and Close to the Edge — they are still a fairly regular earworm! Tales from Topographic Oceans never really did it for me — but I guess I should try it again as I’ve not played it for many many years.

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