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Venerable AIC Members
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The Anglo-Indian Club of Great Britain

The Anglo-Indian Club of Great Britain (AIC) was devised, back in January 1992, as an entertainment for our stufties (teddy bears, tigers etc.) and their friends. The membership in our house, which is known as Headquarters Branch, is well in excess of 200, and there are several other branches dotted around southern England and an outpost in the wilds of Nova Scotia.

Why the Anglo-Indian Club? Because the founding member (and Life President) Jehangir is a tiger and comes originally from the Darjeeling area of India. So naturally he wanted to foster Anglo-Indian relations. All the rest were happy to go along with this as as long as it provided them with amusement, chocolate and such other sticky things that are beloved of stufties.

One of the diversions is a very occasional (like about once a year if the humans get round to it – which they usually don't) newsletter for the members. HQ branch, and from what we hear most of the other branches too, also have all night parties from time to time. And, as we have a cat-flap, who knows where they go and what they get up to during the day while we're at work? We know that at the very least the fridge and the TV get raided!

Most years a delegation from HQ Branch descends on some unsuspecting English (usually seaside) town for their annual conference. Strangely this always seems to coincide with our holidays! In recent years there have been annual conferences at Rye (East Sussex), Totnes & Dartmouth (Devon), Lyme Regis (Dorset) and Looe (Cornwall).

In the top right photograph are Jehangir (a Merrythought tiger and Life President of the AIC) and Angus, The McBear of McBear (always known just as McBear), the AIC treasurer. They are seen here, looking very youthful, in their travelling bag on the way to the 1994 AIC conference.

Membership of the AIC is by personal invitation of the HQ committee only.

And if that doesn't convince you I'm living in the land of the half-saved, then nothing will.

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