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Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right.

Welcome to Keith Marshall's Zen Mischief

Introduction and Apologia

KCM Over the years I've come to realise that some part of my purpose in life is to act as a catalyst, or maybe a facilitator, to enable others to develop ... and to do this not by the usual means of personal development counselling (which I deeply mistrust) but by providing initial insights into different ideas, different philosophies and different ways of looking at the world. Hopefully this approach enables change from within by broadening outlooks and horizons.

The objective of these pages is, therefore, to share with you, although maybe not in great depth, some of the things which interest me and which I'm involved in, in the hope that this might inspire you to get involved in something new or to look at life in a subtly different, unusual or tangential way. Perhaps to find some unconventional philosophy which may be just right for you. On the surface it may all look highly conventional ... but look deeper ... things are seldom what they seem!

Most of these pages include at the end a short (and certainly not comprehensive) set of links which are designed to help readers start to delve deeper into the particular subject.

These pages will, of course, evolve slowly as my thinking evolves, as I find new resources on the internet and as I have time available. And as this happens the latest curiosities and oddities will doubtless appear on my Zen Mischief Weblog.

If you find a site you think may interest me, why not send me an E-mail?

And please do revisit here from time to time!